Als besonderen Service können Sie hier Rahmenformulierungen unterschiedlicher Kosmetikprodukte downloaden.

astaBB Foundation

Natural-based Multi-Purpose Cream with high valuable ingredients to provide an even skin tone, moisturizing effect and healthy radiance. Natural ingredients like Astafit as natural red colorant and strong antioxidant to relieve and energize high sensitive skin areas f.e. around the eyes. Outstanding smoothness and spreadability.

astaBODY Lotion

Formulation designed to restore and preserve healthy skin, f.e. after cleansing. Provides moisturization, elasticity and best spreadability to skin with a fresh kick effect when applied. Natural Astafit to supply the skin with the „King of Carotenoids“ – the famous Astaxanthin. In this application used as natural colorant, strong Antioxidant and eliminator of free radicals.

astaCOVER Foundation

Smooth and silky skin feel with outstanding opacity, Astafit as natural red colorant and innovative active to regain skin elasticity and improve wrinkle reduction.

astaLIPCARE Stick

Exclusive natural care components like precious Astafit to provide regeneration and elasticity to the lips and wrinkle reduction. Moisturizing effect and especially recommended for usage at cold & dry temperatures as well as wintersports like skiing a.s.o. – successfully tested in Austrian winter conditions.

astaSHOWER Gel

Transparent gel with the care component and natural red colorant Astafit, solely natural based components and a very mild tenside system characterise this innovative formulation.

astaSUN Care Stick

Innovative Sun Stick Formulation and therefore easy to apply: softens the skin, good spreadability and natural UV – protection through physical filters and the natural Astaxanthin derived from Astafit.

astaNATURAL BAR Hand Soap

100% natural based components in an innovative formulation design to shape a new, vegan and mild cleaning soap with a slight orange-touch. Astaxanthin from AstaCos to provide the stable natural color of the bar and to restore skin elasticity and moisture in the skin after cleaning.

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