natural active algae materials from Austria

State-of-the-art technologies guarantee high-quality algae materials for the life sciences industry.

BDI-BioLife Science is a specialist in the development of innovative technologies for the production of high-quality algae materials for the life sciences industry.

State-of-the-art in-house research facilities, supplemented by years of cooperation with renowned universities, create the basis for our leading know-how in algae research.

Our experience was first put to industrial use in our cultivation plant in Hartberg, Austria.  With our new, closed cultivation procedure we guarantee:

  • Year-round production
  • Reliable delivery due to constant cultivation
  • The strictest hygienic standards
  • The highest product quality

A fully automated process control system (PCS) operates, monitors and documents all production steps. This ensures the traceability of each individual batch.

A barcode-based data capture fulfills all basic requirements for traceability necessary in the cosmetics and dietary supplement industries.

Production at BDI-BioLife Science fully complies with all EU directives.

AstaFit® and AstaCos®


As we have developed various tailor-made products for the food and cosmetics industries, we guarantee the best possible result from the use of our natural astaxanthin.

Highly effective, natural astaxanthin for food supplements

Multifunctional astaxanthin for certified natural cosmetics

BDI BiolifeScience Gebäude

Mission statement

We produce high quality, natural materials from algae for use in the life sciences industry and promote societal awareness of the extremely positive effects of their use.


...means to us ...

Research and development is a central topic for us. Since 2008 we have been researching algae and developing sustainable cultivation technologies focusing on obtaining high quality products. We are able to develop tailor-made products due to years of experience, state-of-the-art laboratories, ongoing market analyses and joint research projects with customers and renowned research institutes.


...means to us ...

With our self-developed, closed algae cultivation system, we can guarantee continuous, high-quality production of algae materials in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards, regardless of location or season. This is how we establish ourselves as a reliable partner who stands for quality.


...means to us ...

Sustainability is in our DNA. Choosing Ökopark Hartberg as our location was decisively influenced by their use of renewable energy sources and sustainable infrastructure. Making decisions based on sustainability began as early as the process development stage, where special attention was paid to energy optimization and waste-free production. In addition, local companies were hired for the construction of the plant.




Commissioning and ISO certification

In January 2019 the algae production plant was biotechnologically expanded and ISO 9001:2015 certification took place in May.


Ground-breaking ceremony and opening of the plant
Launch of the AstaCos® and Cosmos Approval product lines

In January 2018, the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of our first industrial algae production plant at the Ökopark in Hartberg took place. On 30 November 2018, the plant was opened, after less than a year of construction, in the presence of customers, politicians and the press.

In that same year, the AstaCos® product line was developed and launched specifically for the cosmetics industry.
The product AstaCos® OL50 was awarded the Cosmos Approval. This officially makes our special oleoresin the world's first astaxanthin product approved for certified organic and natural cosmetics.


Launch of the AstaFit® product line

With the products marketed under this brand, BDI-BioLife Science established itself as an Austrian producer of recyclable materials for the international dietary supplement industry. First product batches were successfully produced in the demo plant.


Decision for the construction of an industrial production plant

The sister company BDI-BioEnergy International is commissioned with the planning and construction of the industrial plant.


Construction of the demo plant
Founding of BDI-BioLife Science GmbH

In 2015, the pilot plant was expanded into a demonstration plant with a production capacity of approximately 50 kg algae biomass per month.
With the founding of BDI-BioLife Science GmbH, the production of algae materials within the BDI Group became a separate, professionalized subsidiary of the group.


Construction of the pilot plant

After numerous laboratory tests, a pilot plant with 300-liter reactors was constructed in 2013 at the BDI research center in Grambach. In this pilot plant, individual process steps could be continuously optimized on a small scale.


Specialization in Haematococcus pluvialis

Our research results showed that energy generation from algae was technically possible but not profitable. As a result, our focus shifted to the extraction of algae-based resources for the life sciences industry. The specialization on Haematococcus pluvialis (internally affectionately called "the diva") was made.


Energy Globe Award

Our research results in the field of "Algae research for CO2 reduction" were awarded the Energy Globe Styria Award in the AIR category.


Start of algae research at BDI

In 2008, BDI began researching algae and the development of algae cultivation technologies. The goal was the cultivation of oleaginous algae as a sustainable energy source, especially for biodiesel production.