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sustainable production of natural algae materials in Austria

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highly effective materials for the life sciences industry

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benchmark technology

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support for product applications

A company of the BDI Group


State-of-the-art technologies guarantee high-quality algae materials for the life sciences industry

About us

BDI-BioLife Science is a specialist in the development of innovative technologies for the production of high-quality algae materials for the life sciences industry.

In our cultivation plant, located at Ökopark Hartberg, Austria, we produce natural astaxanthin for the cosmetics, food supplement and pharmaceutical industries using our specially developed, closed algae cultivation process.

AstaFit® and AstaCos®


As we have developed various tailor-made products for the food and cosmetics industries, we guarantee the best possible result from the use of our natural astaxanthin.

Highly effective, natural astaxanthin for food supplements

Multifunctional astaxanthin for certified natural cosmetics

Application and Effect


Our service area provides you with opportunities to download product data sheets, frame formulations for cosmetics and other informational material.

Research and Development


Because research and development contribute significantly to the progress of every successful company, working in conjunction with our customers to continuously develop is a top priority for us.

In order to exceed our customers' expectations, we place high demands on ourselves and our products. Permanent quality assurance and compliance with industry standards are decisive factors in meeting the highest standards in the life science industry.

Information Covid-19


Dear customers,


We hope that you and your loved ones are in good health despite the unpleasant circumstances.

In spite of the different conditions associated with Corona Covid-19 and the compliance with the legal regulations by the Austrian Federal Government for all our protection, we are pleased to inform you of the following:

- Our astaxanthin production remains unchanged and secure at the current state of affairs

- Sufficient stock levels ensure prompt delivery availability of all products.

- Even in these turbulent times, sales, product development, production and management can be reached at the usual e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Instead of personal meetings, we are available for virtual meetings via telephone conference or Skype4business.

We will continue to keep you up to date on current topics via LinkedIn.