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Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is. - Henry Ford

Research and Development

Because research and development contribute significantly to the progress of every successful company, working in conjunction with our customers to continuously develop is a top priority for us.

As early as 2008, BDI began cultivating algae strains in order to develop a new source of raw materials for renewable energies. Results showed that although the project was technically feasible, it was not economically viable at that time.

Nevertheless, we were also aware that these small, green organisms contained great value that had to be utilized.

In 2012, focus was placed on a very special microalga, Haematococcus pluvialis.

With the development of a seasonally independent cultivation process, the course was set to begin producing algae materials. When the industrial production plant was opened, full focus was set in the direction of astaxanthin production.

Astaxanthin wird mit einer Spachtel auf eine Petrischale aufgetragen

Product development

In order to exceed our customers' expectations, we place enormously high demands on ourselves and our products. Permanent quality assurance and compliance with industry standards are decisive factors in meeting the highest life sciences standards.

In that regard, we are happy to fulfill special requirements for our customers. In jointly defined methods, algae materials for the food supplement and cosmetics industries can be processed so as to allow for further optimization.

As a reliable partner, we are happy to support you in the development of tailor-made products.

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Qualitätssicherung im Labor

Challenges for the future

Products of BDI-BioLife Science are continuously under further development. Our R&D focuses on innovative new materials for the life sciences industry.

The greatest challenge lies not only in the cultivation of algae, but also in the subsequent processing of those algae into a tailor-made end product for our customers.

In our well-equipped research facilities, we start procedures at laboratory scale where the processes are designed, adapted, optimized and then transferred to larger scales. Transferring to industrial scale production without risk can only be accomplished after successful simulations have been carried out in the in-house pilot plant.

In these scale-up processes, the BDI Group draws on its many years of practical experience in plant construction.