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Astaxanthin: Application and Effect

Here we provide you with access to product data sheets, frame formulations for the cosmetics industry and other informational material.

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Expert articles

Product data sheets

In the data sheets you will find everything you need to know about the composition of our products.

AstaCos® OL50

5% astaxanthin content
Increased stability of astaxanthin as 5% oleoresin

AstaFit® CWD25

Water-soluble granules
with 2.5% astaxanthin

AstaFit® OL50

5% astaxanthin content
Increased stability of astaxanthin as 5% oleoresin

AstaFit® OL100

10% astaxanthin content
Increased stability of astaxanthin as 10% oleoresin

AstaFit® PW50

5% astaxanthin content
or more
Natural biomass

AstaFit® Soft-Gums

4 mg Astaxanthin content
Astaxanthin-containing soft gums,
ideal for on the way

Frame formulations

Below you will find cosmetic frame formulations for frames containing AstaCos® OL50, which we have created alongside renowned experts. They show the variety of applications for AstaCos® OL50. We are also happy to provide you with downloadable versions of the recipes.


A vegan, mild cleansing soap with subtle orange scent innovatively produced with100% natural components AstaCos® ensures color stability and restores the elasticity and moisture of the skin after cleansing.


Multi-purpose cream based on natural, high-quality ingredients with a moisturizing effect for an even skin tone and healthy radiance. Ingredients like AstaCos®, which is used as red pigment and is a strong antioxidant, serve to relax and energize highly sensitive skin areas.

Beard Oil

Exclusive ingredients, such as AstaCos®, ensure skin regeneration and elasticity, counteract itching and supply the skin with important nutrients. Moisturizing and skin-soothing properties make it suitable for daily use.

Body Lotion

Formulation to restore and maintain healthy skin, for example, after cleansing. Provides moisture, ensures elasticity of the skin and gives an extra freshness boost when applied. AstaCos® is used in the formulation as a natural colorant and to supply the skin with the "king of carotenoids", which is a strong antioxidant and absorber of free radicals.

Compact Foundation

AstaCos® serves as a vegan, red dye and innovative active ingredient to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. The formulation has excellent covering power and provides a smooth, silky feeling.

Lipcare Stick

Exclusive care components, such as AstaCos®, ensure regeneration of dry lips, elasticity of this sensitive skin area and reduction of wrinkles. It is especially recommended and successfully tested for use at low temperatures and in dry air due to its moisturizing effect.

Shower Gel

Transparent gel with nourishing ingredients such as the red, vegan colorant AstaCos®. Exclusively biologically based components and a very mild surfactant system characterize this special formulation.

Suncare Stick

The innovative Suncare formulation is easy to apply, softens the skin and acts as natural UV protection through both physical filters and the astaxanthin found in AstaCos®.

2-Phase Oil

asta2PHASE regulates the skin's moisture balance: the natural active astaxanthin protects the skin from free radicals and damage through UV radiation, while hyaluronic acid ensures a smooth, even skin texture.


Have we caught your attention with the "diamond among radical catchers"? For more information about astaxanthin and its various effects, please contact us directly. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information. Fill out the inquiry form or send your request to Dr. Edgar Ahn, CIO. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

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