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A high-tech active agent – innovative processing and development of unique products containing astaxanthin

BDI-BioLife Science is your trustworthy partner when it comes to innovation, shaping astaxanthin production for the international market. The astaxanthin competence centre is characterised by know-how, sound science, highest quality standards and support provided by local teams. We assist established brands, visionaries and ambitious start-ups using natural astaxanthin as a high-class ingredient.

Your benefits:

customised products with
unique high-tech active agent

short time to market thanks to
innovative product development

formulation support by
BDI-BioLife Science

You have a vision – we have a suitable solution. Choose from our range of services:


We offer several innovative formulations, from unique prototypes to bulk material, as well as finished B2C products.

You have the choice – it’s that easy!

We support you throughout all phases of product development, geared to your personal needs: from first ideas to testing of prototypes to production and package design.

Working together – from an idea to the completed B2C product.


Our certificates stand for the highest quality standard:


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30. Nov 2023
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