The red diamond
as a hallmark of quality for our customers:

The red diamond
amongst antioxidants®

A brand for successful companies in the following industries:

nutritional supplements

Whether protecting the body against oxidative damage or the skin against ageing  – the red diamond is ideal for a wide array of applications. To deliver the benefits of astaxanthin as efficiently as possible, we have perfected ASTAFIT® for use in the nutritional supplement industry. Discover our range of raw materials and portfolio of  formulations containing ASTAFIT®.

Discover ASTAFIT®

With our approved quality brands, specially developed for convenient handling, we serve as a competent partner to companies looking to realise their astaxanthin products. In addition, we offer co-branding options for enhanced product visibility. Discover our raw materials and portfolio of perfected formulations containing ASTACOS®.

discover ASTACOS®
CEO, Antagonis Biotherapeutics; University of Graz
Dr. Andreas J. Kungl
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Dr. Andreas J. Kungl
Astaxanthin has great potential for maintaining human health and BDI-BioLife Science is right to call this high-tech active ingredient the red diamond.
CEO, Dr. Hauck R&D
Dr. David Hauck
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Dr. David Hauck
Since raw materials and active ingredients from sustainable and regional production are important to me in my products, I chose astaxanthin from BDI-BioLife Science.
CEO, SkinXpert CH
Dr. Christiane Hanay
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Dr. Christiane Hanay
The Styrian astaxanthin in the international brands (ASTACOS® & ASTAFIT®) is justifiably called the "red diamond" due to its high antioxidant effect.
CEO, Laboratorio Cosmopolita
Serena Zanella
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Serena Zanella
We were looking for a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient derived from algae. This is how we discovered ASTACOS® OL50. We didn't let its intense colour frighten us, on the contrary, we used it to our advantage to give the product a natural colour that remains stable over time.
CEO, CA&LE Cosmetics
Erhard Lengfeldner
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Erhard Lengfeldner
Astaxanthin is one of the most effective antioxidants and is an essential ingredient in our cosmetics line. We rely on high-quality, regional active ingredients and therefore source the red diamond from Styria.
CEO, BAGUJA Naturkosmetik
Jasmin Bauer-Guldin
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Jasmin Bauer-Guldin
In accordance with our guiding principle: "Good things can only come from good things", we only process raw materials of the highest quality and effectiveness. Natural astaxanthin from BDI-BioLife Science, the red diamond amongst the active agents, is therefore an integral part of our products.
Head of Application Laboratory, RAHN
Roman Ott
BioLife Science Kundenstimme - Roman Ott
It continually surprises me how secrets of nature with their impressive efficacy can be successfully transferred to cosmetics.

Documented Sustainability

Since BDI’s founding, we have been focusing on our commitment to sustainability and regionality. Our entire plant runs on one hundred per cent renewable electricity. To cultivate our microalgae, we only use biogenic CO2 accumulated as a waste product from regional bioethanol manufacturing.

With efficient material cycles, the closed state-of-the-art cultivation plant allows minimal use of resources like water and detergents.

Regarding energy, including renewable electricity, we rely on our own photovoltaic system and efficient use of process waste heat in heating the building.

This means the red diamond amongst antioxidants is, in every aspect, a potent active agent from Styria produced in an ecologically sustainable manner.


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