Approval of astaxanthin for children

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📢 Great news for our red diamond 💎

Astaxanthin is now EU-approved for children aged three and above!

Thanks to its unique antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to overcome the blood-brain and blood-retina barrier, astaxanthin takes effect where large amounts of free radicals origin and protects the organism thoroughly against oxidative damage. Now children can also benefit from the positive effects of natural astaxanthin.

Here are the recommended daily dosages:
Children (3-10): 2.3 mg of Astaxanthin per day.
Adolescents (10 -14): 5.7 mg of Astaxanthin per day.
Adults (Older than 14): 8 mg of Astaxanthin per day.

In our ASTAFIT®, the antioxidative effect of the red diamond is delivered in a wide range of dosage forms that are perfect for further processing in capsules, health drinks, gummies and many other applications.

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